We are glad that the subjects are always different. This time it was Very informative presentations dedicated to Finance: 
GEM4ME by Vladimir Borisov & SERVICE INTER GROUP by Alexander Guzovski: We also covered our long term projects:
The Monument to All Immigrants
The Museum Improve Civilization
Helping Kids Charity
as well as the preparation to the VAUGHAN HOME SHOW
Thanks Parham Yazdy for IT support and many like Olga Logushova for dedication to the Club. See you next time dear THC Friends!


We are welcome to new to Improve Canada businesses to do a trial, being a member of our Club. We organize the monthly meetings, providing the opportunity to show your product & services. Please do not hesitate to Contact us if you wish to be among us - the members of one of the most well-known Toronto Club.

Toronto Home Club: For those who think HOME

LIGHTHOUSE INSPECTIONS - 09.14.18. Our monthly meeting @ Improve Canada was an amazing meeting of our old Friends & new members. Besides covering our plans, it was dedicated to the preparation of the Vaughan Home Show. The featured presentations: LIGHTHOUSE INSPECTIONS & WORLD FINANCIAL GROUP
Thanks to Jamal Shehab and Vipul Sharma for wonderful presentations! See you soon @ the Vaughan Home Show!

THE WORLD FINANCIAL GROUP - 07.19.18. Very informative meeting @ our wonderful home Improve Canada. We covered the unique services of the World Financial Group as well as our plans: Charity donations to the kids sport organization, Monument to All Immigrants, Improve Museum of Civilization and our external communities events. Be free to Join us!

360 DIGI LOOK - 05.30.18. Wonderful presentation of our member 360 DigiLook @ IMPROVE Canada. Great opportunity for THC to be the 21 century technology organization!                    The director of 360 DigiLook Mr. Parham Yazdy helped so many businesses to get higher online traffic.