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ORRO Artistic Tile provides designers, architects, and high-end home retailers with a variety of top-quality artistic and mosaic tile features. Perfect for both residential and commercial interiors — as well as architectural elements, saunas and pools, and artistic embellishments like murals and tapestries — our tiles add a touch of luxury and a whole lot of style.

Specializing in Italian-designed, hand-placed mosaics in glass, stone, metal, and even shell, ORRO Artistic Tile brings continental opulence to Canadian design. Our selection of colours, textures, and sizes will suit any taste and budget. We also design, manufacture, and install custom tile for a completely unique creation. With understated elegance and undeniable beauty, ORRO Artistic Tile takes interior design to the next level. 

Michael and Sergei Shikan
Phone # 647.3388338, 647.9953995
@ IMPROVE Canada # 

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