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Smart, Friendly, and Innovative Technology is a distributor of hardware and software in the Canadian smart homes market.
The SFI-Tech brings the highest technology in hardware and software for home automation that includes less complicated modules, user-friendly software for the end-consumer as well as hardware that allows for remote maintenance. Installation is remarkably easy, saving hours of installation time and also reducing the cost of maintenance.
SFI-Tech brings smart, user-friendly, and innovative technological solutions to our business customers all over Canada. We support the spread of connectivity, interactivity, sustainability, and well-being through high-quality products.
Our vision is to be recognized as the easiest and most innovative distributor to work with in Canada, bringing smart, user-friendly, and innovative technologies for our business partners, allowing for the wide spread of green technology throughout our communities.

Donovan James Aubert
Phone #  647.5462296
@ IMPROVE Canada # 299

Smart, Friendly, and Innovative Technology