Toronto Home Club's event @ The Vaughan Home Show of Improve Canada. ​September 21-23 2018

VAUGHAN HOME SHOW: Official opening of the Toronto Home Club event by the Vaughan City councillor Gino Rosati, a founder of Imprоve Canada Oleg Chekhter, famous sculptors from Montreal Nina Galitskaia & Vitali Gambarov, presenting our long term projects as The Monument to All Immigrants & others. Meeting with a celebrity designer Jane Lockhart, presentation of THC members: Vipul Sharma - The World Financial Group, Natalia Slobidker - Top Homes, Jamal Shehab - Lighthouse Inspection, De'Corner boutique presentation of Rogozhnikova Svetlana on Stone Healthy System, Brian Lattanville - Healthy Homes, Alex Dymov DA Galaxy Decor - New Crystal line, a comedian Mr. Donald Trump & lot of fun. Thanks to Improve Canada!

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