Deki Home inc., a Canadian company, owns the brand and distribution rights of its partner LIBERTA. With a strong commitment to showcasing the very best that Ukraine has to offer, the founders, who are of Ukrainian descent, take great pride in bringing Ukrainian craftsmanship to North America. They believe in the quality and innovation that LIBERTA embodies and strive to contribute to Ukraine's reputation as a leader in the industry. With warehouses in Canada and soon in the USA, Deki Home is dedicated to developing Ukrainian-made brands.
At LIBERTA, innovation, quality, and design form the foundation of our company's ethos. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has made them a leader in the industry in Ukraine, with a state-of-the-art facility and rigorous quality control measures ensuring that they meet our stringent standards. The talented and dedicated employees share a common goal and vision, and take great pride in the brand and the products they create, making LIBERTA a top employer in the country.
The name "LIBERTA" symbolizes freedom and liberation, which is fitting for a company that is striving to showcase the best of Ukraine and bring new opportunities and success to the country.

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Quality, fashion, diversity and durability

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