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Hello, I am life insurance broker. I working with 9 Canadian popular and reliable Insurance companies. Will serve you with respect and understanding.
Protect yourself with Critical Illness and Disability insurance.
Protect, your family with yours Life Insurance. 
You have a priceless treasure - your children! Protect them with kids insurance  and build future with Educations plans
Will be happy to provide you:
*Life Insurance, Critical Illness (with full refund of premiums)
● Disability Insurance (NO income proof is necessary)
● Mortgage Services
● Individual and Group Benefits - TAX DEDUCTIBLE
(drugs, dental, vision, specialists and more)
● Visitors to Canada Insurance, Super Visa
● RRSP, Retirement plans
● Investments, segregated funds
● Education Savings Plan for children (RESP)


Tanya Trunyova
Phone # 416.880.9196

Protect yourself today, from what could happen tomorrow!