We welcome new experts in the area of HOME IMPROVEMENT. We also want customers to advise us the subjects of future presentations.  Let us be open mind!

Toronto Home Club: For those who think HOME

Our History                                                            
Over 200 years of combined experience in Real Estate, Financing, Construction, Home Insurance, Interior Design, Renovation.

Schedule of the 2016-2017-2018 events
January 16 2016 - NEW YEAR -  NEW HOUSE                                                                
March 12 2016 SPRING IS THE RIGHT TIME                                                                     
May 14 2016 HOUSE BEGINS WITH FINANCING                                                              
September 24 2016 BUILDING YOUR HOUSE: Onica                                                       
January 21 2017 HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLUB & A-Z RENOVATION                                       
April 01 2017 - REAL ESTATE IS OUR LIFE                                                       
June 17 2017 - HOME INSURANCE BY RBC INSURANCE                                
September 23 2017 - ALL ABOUT HOME: ALL EXPERTS IN ONE SHOW                       
December 09 2017 -  HOLIDAY SHOW RENOMASKS                                              
February 24, 2018 - BUILDING YOUR HOUSE: Mike Rosen Homes      
September 02, 2018 - TORONTO COMMUNITY THC EXTERNAL EVENT: Indian community          September 21-23, 2018 - THE VAUGHAN HOME SHOW: fall edition

Recent Home Show: Children Sports Charity Gala for Underprivileged Kids.                                                                    
NEW Home Show: The Vaughan Home Show – Fall Edition ​

WHEN: September 21-23, 2018 
WHERE: 7250 Keele Street, Vaughan, Toronto, Ontario, L4K 1Z8
INFO: 647 5287210

Our presentations also feature:                                                           
- RBC Insurance Agency Ltd: Be safe!                                               
- CIBC:  Investment is a great tool to build your income                     
- Mortgage Advice: We finance, you build. The proper ways to finance your construction/renovation projects
- Real Estate is Our Life                                                                      
- Builder: Surprisingly great idea of keeping the house while increasing its value                                                                   
- Kitchen is the heart of house - 2018 new line of cabinetry 
- A to Z renovation ​

For those who think HOME


 This is our team @ IMPROVE CANADA, the best home experts could be found in GTA.  Please  check their pages for the details.