Schedule of the 2017-2018 events

  January 21 - A to Z RENOVATION                                                                   April 01 - REAL ESTATE IS OUR LIFE                                                       June 17 - HOME INSURANCE BY RBC INSURANCE                                                   September 23 - ALL ABOUT HOME: ALL EXPERTS IN ONE SHOW                             December 09 -  HOLIDAY SHOW RENOMASKS                                              February 24, 2018 - BUILDING YOUR HOUSE, IT IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK  ​


Toronto Home Club: For those who think HOME

For those who think HOME

 This is our team @ IMPROVE CANADA, the best home experts could be found in GTA.  Please  check their pages for the details. 


We welcome new experts in the area of HOME IMPROVEMENT. We also want customers to advise us the subjects of future presentations.    Let us be open mind!

Our History                                                              Over 200 years of combined experience in Real Estate, Financing, Construction, Home Insurance, Interior Design, Renovation.

Recent Home Show:  Holiday RENOMASKS      WHEN: December 09  2017 @ 1 pm
WHERE: 7250 Keele Street, Vaughan, Toronto, Ontario, L4K 1Z8
INFO: 647 5287210

Our presentations also feature:                                                             - RBC Insurance Agency Ltd: Be safe!                                               
- CIBC:  Investment is a great tool to build your income                     - Mortgage Advice: We finance, you build. The proper ways              to finance your construction/renovation projects
 - Real Estate is Our Life                                                                       - Builder: Surprisingly great idea of keeping the house                       while increasing its value                                                                   - Kitchen is the heart of house - 2017 new line of cabinetry 
 -  Galaxy Decor Designs - Surfaces to touch & to be touched by
 -  A to Z renovation