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Mesh Building is a porcelain slab and tile distributor located in Toronto, Canada, and porcelain collections presented at Mesh Porcelain Slab and Tile are an integration of high technology and unique style with admirable fashionable textures suitable for any taste and budget.
Mesh, a Toronto-based porcelain slab and tile distributor, is representing the largest porcelain manufacturer by production capacity globally, offering exclusive products with a price guarantee, and utilizing the best European manufacturing facilities, colors, glazes and automation systems.
Collaboration is the key to success. Therefore, we aim to capture the needs of the market through beauty, quality, and service. Above all, the consistency in all three of these areas will channel our performance as a top porcelain slab and tile distributor in Great Toronto Area, Canada.
Our goal is to be the leader of porcelain slabs and tiles. In addition, it will be facilitated by leveraging our size and production techniques to aptly supply any project requirement quickly and efficiently.
Our roots are engrained in architecture and construction. We believe that design without quality or quality without design is limiting. In conclusion, we are strong because we possess both, and our people work as a team with uncompromising spirit.

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