Toronto Home Club: For those who think HOME

​​​Our product collections include home accents, home accessories, and fashion accessories with affordable prices for your home décor or as a gift for your loved ones.
Our collections showcase a variety of colours and traditional as well as modern designs for any decorating style.
Our rugs come in various sizes and beautiful designs with affordable prices. For the first time, these rugs are designed so that both sides can be used. Each side is presented by a different primary colour. There are no additional cleaning costs. These rugs can be washed in a washing machine in 30oC water.
The Coffee and Tea set collections each come with a beautiful traditional metal artwork.
Our main goal is to bring diverse, affordable, and high-quality products to our customers. Explore our shop to learn more about the story and culture represented in each of our products!

Phone # 647.860.4852


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Carpets, accessories, gifts