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​​​​​Canada’s Largest Home Improvement Centre. 
Improve Canada is a commercial shopping mall complex located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. The mall has about 400 home improvement stores, exclusively focused on home improvement products and services. The complex is owned by Oleg Chekhter.
Improve is the first shopping mall in Canada dedicated only to home improvement. Designed by GH+A Design, a prolific Canadian architectural firm based in Montreal, the project was completed in 2013. Construction of the building was done by Belrock Design Build Inc.
I’ve often said that finding a contractor is a lot like playing the dating game. It can take a lot of time to find the right one – sometimes just as long as it does to complete the renovation! But believe me, the time spent finding the RIGHT contractor is well worth it.
Here are my tips to finding your next contractor. 
Yes, everyone will do a quick Google search to find a contractor, but please, please do your research! Don’t rely only on Google – you want to talk to contractors, and get their references. Make sure you call their references!
If you’ve done some research, or perhaps you still are not sure where to start or who to talk to, then I suggest you contact the customer service team at Improve Canada. They will listen to your needs and create a list of vendor experts that will help you make the perfect selections and plan for all your needs.
That’s why I love the concept of Improve Canada. They have created a varied network of home improvement specialists, from renovators to HVAC specialists, craftspeople to design specialists - all under one roof. With the guidance of their customer service team they will design a personalized shopping experience that is customized and tailored to your needs – no time will be wasted on unnecessary appointments.


Oleg Chekhter
Phone # 905.677.2577



Address: 7250 Keele Street, Vaughan, ON L4K 1Z8              

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