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Brian Lattanville's Healthy Home Makeover is finally here - the first and only of its kind!  Brian Lattanville's and his elite team of environmental medical experts combined with industry leading building biologists are ready to design and create instant healthy indoor solutions for any home or office. Their medical grade products and designs can be applied to most medical insurance plans.

The planet – our planet, is unsafe. Our planet is diseased, and we are the cause of that disease. There is an inherent flaw in how we think we live. Let’s look at an example.

We purchase a house. One week before moving day, we go in and paint the walls with a fresh coat of paint. On moving day, we lay our modern and large area rug across our brand new living room floor and furnish the beds in our new bedrooms with fluffy and warm duvets. We throw brightly coloured pillows onto our couches and then bring in our modern appliances; stove, refrigerator, large screen television and coffee maker. We then install high-speed internet so that we can connect that smart TV and programmable coffee maker to our smart phones, because we want convenience. We hang cherished memories of people and places we love on our freshly painted walls, and finally, we cohabitate with our pets because we love them. And when we’ve done this; when moving day is finished, we say we’ve taken a house, and turned it into a home.

But did we? Let’s revisit the story to see what perhaps is not so obvious at the first telling.

We purchased a house. One week before moving day, we went in and painted every single wall of that house with new paint – paint that contained VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds – some of the most dangerous molecules on the face of the earth. We laid down our dust-filled, yet large, area rug in our brand new living room and spread a mite-ridden, yet fluffy, duvet over our beds.

We then arranged our noxious, combustible by-product-emitting, yet modern, natural gas stove in our kitchen. As if that wasn’t enough, we installed EMF-emitting modems and routers throughout the house to ensure that we remain connected to the dangers of every smart device we own.

We displayed our most cherished memories of our loved ones and the places we’ve been with them on the freshly painted walls, almost as if we were trying to cover up the horror of what we’ve just really done. And finally, we cuddle with our pets and the colourful, yet dander-filled couch pillows in completely comfortable, yet ignorant, bliss.
Why? Why on earth did we do this?

Out of love. It’s love that makes us take a house and turn it into a home, because home is where the heart is.

This year Healthy Home Makeovers will rediscover the true meaning of home. This year, Healthy Home Makeovers will coach individuals and families in how to correctly regain their healthiest, natural environments.
A home has always been where the healthiest heart is.

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