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Collecting antiques is a great hobby in that it is very in touch with the history and beauty of our past. Many antique collectors are passionate about this history and pride in purchasing and owning unique collectors pieces. Learning about the culture and history surrounding the item can not only be very entertaining but crucial to determining the future value of the item. 
Antiques attract millions of people because of the history that they carry. Other people once used these antiques they emigrated from their homeland to another nation that offered promise and hope.
Antique is generally defined as something that is more than 75 years old. Remember one thing about antiques they were not built recently. These items were made many years ago, and price and value are somewhat subjective.
Antique collecting is about finding the best items and getting them for the best price and its one of the few hobbies that create an opportunity for profit. Antiques are a great commodity in which to invest.
It isn’t difficult to decide what you want to collect. Simply choose something you enjoy or that you really want to learn more about. Regardless of what you choose to collect, it’s important that you are genuinely interested in collecting the item since this makes the hunt more fun.
It is almost impossible to know everything about every antique ever made, therefore we are committed to tell you the origin and the history of each item.
Atassi Antique & Arts service include buying and selling antiques consignment and appraisal. Our Store in Improve Canada Mall carries a wide variety of antiques, crystal, glass, porcelain, china, prints, paintings, lighting fixtures, Furniture and much more.

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