i-Fix Appliances
When your home kitchen appliances break down, it’s always at the most inconvenient of times. i-Fix Appliances understands the importance of having fully-functioning appliances, which is why we’re here to help you when you face this issue.
Our team is formed by fully licensed and professional technicians who are are equipped for cost-effective, same day repair services. i-Fix Appliances gets the job done fast and successfully the first time, while providing high-quality work that fits into your busy schedule.
It’s our priority to make sure all of your appliance repair needs are met. For your convenience, we provide:
 • Appliances Repair
 • Refrigerator Repair
 • Dryer Repair
 • Dishwasher Repair
 • Washer Repair
 • Washing Machine Repair
 • Oven & Stove Repair
 • Fridge Repair
Regardless of your appliance’s make and size, we’re happy to assist you in your appliance repair needs. For reliable repairs in Toronto, contact i-Fix Appliances at 647-642-1212 to speak to one of our trusted technicians.
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Micron Refinish
Altering your space’s floors can transform the room’s look while adding value. Regardless if you’re looking to take care of your commercial or residential flooring, Micron Refinish Solutions Inc. are the professionals you can trust. Having over 5 years of experience, our family-owned, full service flooring company provides high-quality services that will exceed your expectations.
Our vast experience offers personalized and skillful flooring services for condos, detached homes, warehouses and corporate spaces among others. It’s our number one priority to keep our customers satisfied, that’s why we continuously work hard to stay on the latest flooring methods and styles.
Micron Refinishing Solutions Inc. offers a variety of services to fit your needs. We provide:
 • Concrete Grinding
 • Floor Glue Removal
 • Concrete Polishing/ Resurfacing
 • Concrete and Terrazzo Restoration
 • Epoxy Flooring Toronto Variation
 • Power Washing (Underground, Industrial, Commercial, Parking, Warehouse)
 • Concrete Floor Refinishing
 • Floor Stripping
 • Floor Waxing
 • Concrete Crack Repair
Our company is fully licensed, insured and registered with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. For high-quality flooring services visit Micron Refinish online or contact us at 905-782-9005.
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DVR Basements
Out with the old, and in with the new! Transform your unused basement into a stunning, livable space for entertaining friends and spending time with family with DVR Basements. Given our extensive experience in the field of basement renovation, coupled with our desire to exceed client expectations, it’s our mission to provide you with  stunning results.
Our team is comprised of expert craftsmen who are both professional, courteous, and specially trained. That way, you always know you’re in good hands. With our passion for renovating, we strive to meet clients’ goals when creating their dream spaces for a finished product to leave your guests in awe.
The DVR Basements’ team prides themselves on impeccable results and a vast array of service to meet your needs. Services include:
• Basement Renovations
• Basement Designs
• Basement Framing and Panneling
• Basement Finishing
• Basement Flooring
Do you have a special basement project you’d like to take care of? Contact us today and let us help make the basement of you dreams a reality! Call us for a free estimate at 647-323-3232, or online 
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RMS Design
All types of Renovations. RMS design build is a full-service construction management and contracting company.  From kitchens and bathrooms to additions and full house renovations, we do it all.  We work with a team of experts that are dedicated to professionalism, continuity and most of all, artistic integrity. RMS design build would be pleased to work with you on your next project.  Contact us for a free consultation.  Financing is available.
For a free estimate, contact us at 647-500-0798. 


Dream Roof
Whether you’re seeking a new roof for your home, or desire a makeover for your pre-existing one, you’ll never have to reroof again when you hire Dream Roof for your metal roofing needs! Specializing in repairs and roof installations, we made it our goal to provide clients with gorgeous and cost-effective services that will exceed all expectations.  We guarantee you a professional and effective roof installation to last you a lifetime.
Good colour stability, resistance to climatic influences, and corrosion and mechanical stability: those are our promises to you when you choose to work with Dream Roof on your new metal roofing installation. Our team is comprised of skill and certified builders who are dedicated to providing the best service experience. That way, you know you’re always in good hands.
We provide a collection of services to meet all of your roofing needs:
 • Metal Roof Tile Installation
• Steel Roof Title Installation
• Roof Tile Repairs
Aesthetically pleasing and completely customizable, these energy efficient and low-maintenance roofing tile services serve endless benefits. What are you waiting for? Contact us today online at our website.

Bathroom Reno Experts
If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, don't wait any longer to contact Renovation Experts! Add value to your humble home, all while enjoying the new luxuries of a stylish new bathroom designed to your specifications. It’s our mission to cater the highest quality of work to our esteemed clients. And, with over 10 years of experience under our belts, we are the experts in field, ringing true to our name.
You’ll always ben in trustworthy and professional hands when you work with Renovation Experts. Our crew is comprised of consistent specialists who are certified in interior renovations. Likewise, we are insured and provide warranties on all of our services to give you peace of mind. We promise efficiency and expertise that allow us to deliver professional work at competitive prices for our clients.
We provide a extensive list of services to meet your every need:
 • Kitchen Renovation Toronto
 • Bathroom Renovation Toronto
 • Additions Toronto (Home Additions Toronto)
 • House Renovations Toronto
 • Home Renovations Toronto
If you want interior renovations done by reliable professionals, come to Renovation Experts. Check out our website for more information, or call us at 905-884-8585. 
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VIVA renovation
Outlets , Lamp, Fan Installation Tubs , Sinks, Toilets Installation Install and Repair, Sink, Appliance, Tub, Cabinet, Tile, Grout Bathroom Kitchen Basement Remodeling Basement Office, Gym, Home Theater, Bathrooms, Laundry Drywall Repair and Installation Deck, Fence Repair, Installation Painting and Staining Services Flooring Installation Door Window Repair, Installation.
For a free estimate, contact us at 647-609-44-17.  www.renovationviva.com

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Laser Weld Creation
Are you looking for high-quality laser welding services? Look not further than Laser Weld Creation, one of the leading service providers and operators of cutting edge laser technology. Equipped for on-site repairs, our company consists of specialists with extensive experience in the field of laser technologies, mainly laser welding.
Laser welding is highly beneficial for industrial equipments welding use, however we do not limit our services to laser welding on metals alone but extend to plastics also. Our highly efficient team of technicians are dedicated to providing clients with quality services at cost-efficient prices. If you’re looking for professionalism, skill, and attention to detail, we’re the company for you.
We provide a collection of laser welding services for your convenience:
 • Industrial Welding
 • Laser Welding
 • Mirco Laser Welding
 • Laser Cutting.
Laser Weld Creation promises high-quality services, excellence and exemplary customer service. Call us today at (905) 669-6200 or visit us on our website

Are you troubled over your leaky basement? Find peace of mind with Watertite, the industry leader in advanced basement waterproofing. Our team of professionals are dedicated to solving your problems and equipped with the latest methods and tools for an efficient and speedy repair.
Given our extensive experience in the field of repairs, coupled with our desire to exceed client expectations, it’s our mission to provide you with superior results.
Watertite does more for you than just fix your basement’s issue. We also provide services to help diagnose potential issues in other places, and aid in keeping up a sound space:
 • Basement Waterproofing Toronto
 • Basement Waterproofing
 • Wet Basement
 • Leaky Basement
 • Underpinning Basement
 • Restaurants
 • Public Areas
 • Fine Dining Restaurants
 • Indoor Swimming Pool
Choosing Watertite ensures you’re in good hands. When you contact us, you’ll receive a personalized estimate package and a 20 year (transferable) Leakage Warranty to help you make an informed decision. Visit our website for quotes and more information.
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ANA Contracting
Protect the inhabitants of your home and workplace from the dangers breeding in your space by contact asbestos and mould removal experts, ANA Contracting. Your health matters to us, that’s why it remains our mission to remove poisonous materials from your structures with professionalism and care to ensure your safety.
ANA Contracting provides effective management of hazardous materials controlled under Ontario’s Construction, Demolition, and Safety Regulations. Likewise, our team of highly-qualified experts are dedicated to their work and are certified to treat large jobs in a secure and effectual way.
We offer a multitude of services to ensure you’re kept protected, including:
• Asbestos Removal Toronto
• Mold Removing Toronto
• Spray Fireproofing Toronto
• Asbestos Removal Mississauga
• Mold Removing Mississauga
ANA Contracting understands the importance of a healthy dwelling.                                                                                                  For a free estimate, contact us at 416-618-7532, or visit us at our website
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AV Style
Traditional home finishes, such as stucco and drywall, can be boring. Why not transform your space into a work of art with AV Style? Both residential and commercial rooms can be artistically adorned with unique PVC stretch ceilings and walls, printed wall coverings, integrated lighting, and much more! It’s our speciality to create stunning design alternatives and cost efficient prices.
AV Style’s reputation for quality and creativity is unrivalled, having helped us build solid relationships with trade professionals across the country. Our success is further founded on our skilled team of trained craftsmen with over 12 years of extensive experience in stretch ceilings and wall coverings. Having successfully carried out 483 projects, you are always kept in good hands.
We create beautiful designs for the following residential and commercial uses:
• Home Office
• Living Room
• Kitchen
• Bathroom
• Bedroom
• Indoor Swimming Pool
• Cafeteria
• Banquet Halls
… and much more!
Do you have a special project you’d like to work on? Contact us, and let us make your design dream a reality!                             
Visit our website to read more.