GOALS: Zero Carbon, BREEAM, Home Quality Mark, Zero Carbon and Embodied Carbon Champion, Net Zero Whole Life Embodied Carbon Studies and Modelling, Net Zero Carbon Operational Energy and Water, Zero Carbon Management, WiredScore, Energy and Renewable Statements for Planning, Passive Design Analysis, Thermal Comfort and Overheating – Non-Domestic,  Sustainability Statements for Planning, Daylight and Sunlight Modelling

Our focus on building for a sustainable world is a philosophy and approach that goes far beyond a single project: it is an integrated operational framework with sustainability as a core value. 

We deliver cost-effective solutions that add real business value. Our sustainability professionals work with owners and project teams to identify what’s truly important and develop a customized approach to meet their sustainable construction needs.

We work with clients to develop cost-effective strategies to meet sustainable building targets. Our rating system expertise includes LEED, WELL, Living Building Challenge, Envision, Passive House, Fitwel and others.

Striking the right balance between upfront sustainability investments and life-cycle cost savings can be tricky. In continual collaboration with the design team and client, we identify the long-term cost benefits of sustainable practices, while meeting project targets within budget.

​We work with clients to incorporate renewable energy and passive systems into their projects to help achieve zero net-energy consumption. These systems include on-site solar, energy storage, battery walls, geo-exchange, geothermal heating and cooling systems and cogeneration and district energy systems.

Incorporation of passive design elements and sourcing local materials helps reduce carbon footprint during construction and throughout the operational life span of the structure.

​We develop innovative approaches to effectively manage the cost implications and logistical challenges that come with procuring, installing and commissioning green materials and systems.

Collaboration with the client and design teams is key to developing cost-effective solutions that meet proforma requirements and operational emissions, energy consumption and embodied carbon targets.

​We continually strive to reduce energy use in our yards, on our jobsites and in our offices. By testing new technology, such as solar-powered trailers, and partnering with supply chain leaders we are reducing the overall environmental impact of our day-to-day operations and the projects we build.

​Our Sustainable Construction Advisors (SCAs) provide sustainable construction expertise to our buildings, civil and industrial project teams. The SCAs work collaboratively with clients to develop cost-effective strategies to reduce the overall environmental impact of their projects.

​We keep our eyes on the future with forward-thinking, sustainable initiatives targeting the challenges brought on by a fast-changing climate. We understand the risks associated with sea level rise and acknowledge that differing regional typographies need to be addressed appropriately.

​We use construction methods and materials that minimize harmful effects to people and the environment while reducing long-term maintenance costs. Our sustainable practices include using LEDs for temporary construction lighting, including tower cranes, to improve efficiency, durability and reliability and timers for temporary lighting to ensure only necessary lighting is on during off-hours. 

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