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Lux Trim is a luxury home decor company specializing in custom ceilings and wall decor. We offer professional design, installation, and everything in between.

Custom Design. Our team of interior designers map out every detail of work to make sure that the end result is perfectly balanced. Every design is picked to create harmony with the room and the home altogether. Our goal in mind is always to create something beautiful, unique, and most importantly comfortable. To do this, our professionals will match tones, details and textures with our surroundings. The tones are then delicately hand painted by our installers to get the perfect result. We always aim to live up to our name, which represents luxury interior design.

​​Decorative Moulding. Our specialty at Lux Trim is using the best quality, most spectacular ornamental mouldings. We use the highest grade of polyurethane for our trims, with a density of 24 pcf. Our mouldings beat the conventional materials on most metrics. With a selection of over 2000 items, we have the perfect pieces for any project. Our catalogue features everything from basic trims to massive wall panels to beautiful columns and pilasters. Every detail is selected and painted to match exactly what the client needs.

Ceiling Decor. ​​Ceilings are the magic behind Lux Trim. We treat every ceiling as a unique work of art. It’s the best place for us to mix and match materials and designs to create something amazing. Mouldings, wallpaper, LED light strips, crystal mosaic tiles and plaster coated beams – everything goes. The ceiling is the true centerpiece of a room and the full expression of our work. Our designers are always thrilled to try something new. With the client’s guidance, we can make something spectacular that reflects the personality and feel of the household.

Accessories. Complete with any project, we have a wide variety of luxury home decor for the home. We offer hand-carved furniture which suits our décor very well. Along with this, we have a wide selection of wall sconces, chandeliers, decorative pieces, fireplace mantels and other fixtures. We use only the best quality Italian Damask wallpaper for our projects. All our accessories fit together with our trims to complete the composition. On top of this, we work with many partners who custom build any special accessories needed for our projects.

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