Global Performance Improvement Inc. (GPI) is an international management consulting company with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Created in 2015 by Alex Peshekhonov to improve companies' efficiency, people and culture development, it is now one of the leaders in the field of integrated solutions for the implementation of improvements.
The organization's mission is to bring efficiency to a level that sets new global standards, in which leaders and their teams develop a culture of excellence and are proud of their achievements. In the course of their work, GPI helps leaders achieve sustainable results in the field of increasing efficiency, involving employees in decision-making, and constantly improving tools and management mechanisms.
The basis for GPI's work is individual solutions to improve efficiency based on the best world practices and their own developments. They do this by: involving the customer's employees, developing their leadership and management competencies, training experts and teams to improve efficiency; optimizing processes, increasing profits and productivity, reducing losses; and preparing society to go digital and improve the quality of life around the world.
For business owners, we offer a “Business diagnostics” project.
Often the processes are not organized in the most optimal way, which causes losses for the business. Incorrectly organized processes or the lack of use of some opportunities costs the owners tens of millions of dollars in losses a year. And it happens that a "time bomb" has already appeared in business, but the owner does not notice it yet. It can be eliminated at an early stage without any problems. But this requires professional diagnostics.
We will help you identify weaknesses in your business, waste of resources, or unused opportunities.
We have gained significant experience in bringing many companies out of danger.
Now is the best time for diagnosing. Properly organized work processes bring benefits every day. Subtle risks can develop over time and become threatening. Contact us at any time. Especially if there is some kind of threat hanging over your business. We are ready to analyze your situation and offer really effective methods to improve your business!
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Alex Peshekhonov is an international operational excellence and performance improvement expert with extensive 20+ years of experience in multibillion-dollar projects with demonstrating a talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving, optimizing complex processes through coaching and engaging all level people, changing the culture, and focusing on sustainable results. Exxon, Shell, BP, ConocoPhilips, etc.
-One of the continuous improvement’s leaders.
-Winner of “Prestige Toronto 2015”.
-“Best of the Best” according to rating of one of Canada’s top consulting companies
-Overall financial impact greater than $1 billion USD
-CERBA Board Director, Toronto chapter, 2016 – present time
-President of International Performance Improvement Association (IPIA).

Alex Peshekhonov, PhD, MBA, LSSBB, ILM-7. CEO
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