We are local mortgage experts. We have been involved in mortgage financing and real estate industry for over 10 years. Financing thousands of mortgages every year helped us to develop strong relationships with major lenders. This allows us to deliver time-saving system to our clients and receive the most competitive mortgage rates on the market. We created a team of financial professionals that are able to help home buyers and mortgage holders to achieve their financial goals.

I am an accredited professional, I have 10 years of experience in the mortgage industry. I have been part of Mortgage Intelligence group since 2009. As an award-winning broker, I am resourceful and knowledgeable, and always eager to share my skill and experience, finding the best financial solutions for his clients. I am the president and CEO of RusCan Capital Holdings Corp, participating in construction joint ventures and partnerships, providing private funds for construction projects, commercial development and residential mortgages.

Our company is known for completing many successful projects around the GTA with solid rates of return. If you are looking for a low rate mortgage or interested in making your money work for you, feel free to send a request for our information package. With our skill and expertise, your financial picture can be improved manifold.

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