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Here at PicsAlive we bring years of creative design, advertising expertise and deep printing knowledge under one roof. We have put in years and countless hours of research, testing, and practice to bring you the highest quality product in all that we offer. We’re visual changers and we want to bring our clients art to life!
Everyday, millions of square feet of vinyl is used in short and long term graphics in Toronto alone.
We have developed an entirely new process to bring in environmentally friendly ink from one end and bio-degradable material from the other end.
With the new inventions in paint technology (no VOC), the wall surfaces are less and less accepting of various types of paper and vinyl. We have developed a technique to “wash the wall” without effecting the paint quality that prepares the wall for accepting our paper material.

Ari Momeni
Phone # 647.767.5891
@ IMPROVE Canada # 274

Bring your walls to life