"I am Barrister & Solicitor, is a general practice attorney specializing in serving clients in the areas of real estate, family, will and estates, civil and corporate law. I pride myself on representing her clientele effectively throughout Ontario. I'm a licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada, The Law Society of Alberta, and the New Jersey Bar.                    I think if people are passionate about something, then everyone else around them wants to partake in that passion! Toronto Home Club is a place where those with the same passions can meet! Whether it's real estate law or home building and improvement, our passion is Your Home!"   -Nathalie Kroukova, Real Estate lawyer

Besides MBA program from Dubai University of North Carolina USA I always have a passion to meet and serve new customers and always been the most wanted.                    I like the business model of THC because its goal is to get in touch with the customers directly. I also enjoy the way we all, experts of the home industry, meet with ordinary people of Toronto. It allows us to better understand and to feel their real needs."   -Bashir Ahmed, RE/MAX

"My passion in real estate and in working with interesting people brought me to choose Mortgage Brokering business. My team became one of the top producing teams in Ontario.  Construction mortgage financing is an essential part of any construction project. I provide construction mortgage in Toronto for commercial, residential and industrial projects. We like the idea of THC cause it simply brings all of us, Home Industry experts together"  -Minesh Thakkar, Make Sense Mortgages


"Hello Everyone! I hope you all are having a great day here at Improve Canada, we are the Largest Renovation Super Mall in North America! We have all gathered here today to see the Toronto Home Club’s “Building Your Home” and of course the Birthday anniversary! Improve Canada is very happy to work with the Toronto Home Club in bringing you the wonderful customers this fantastic event!  I personally have attended and worked with the Toronto Home Club and we are happy to have them under our roof.             At Improve Canada we have worked hard to bring you over 350 amazing vendors, with all sorts of products and services for Home and Commercial all under one ROOF! Please enjoy the show and of course take a look around and meet our wonderful vendors and take it in all of the great offers available! Enjoy your afternoon and I hope to see you all again very soon! Thank you" -Oleg Chekhter, Founder of IMPROVE Canada      

"Real Estate is Our Life", these words describe the importance of my trade. I would like to add that RE represents many different industries working together to satisfy  customers, home owners. I'm thankful to Toronto Home Club for the opportunity to be closer to clients. Great concept!"  -Ludmila Sidorova, SUTTON Group Admiral Realty Inc.         

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Toronto Home Club: For those who think HOME

"Being in the fields of Canadian Insurances & Mortgages for more than a decade, I was always looking for the best way to interact with customers. Looks I found it: In GTA there is a club uniting all experts of the Home Industry in informal meetings with family atmosphere. Besides being a very attractive the club is basically one of the best GTA business forums helping clients to meet the experts. Thanks to Toronto Home Club for such a wonderful idea."  -Tanya Trunyova, Oriana Wealth Management Ltd

"I was invited to Toronto Home Club to provide the presentation on subject of Home and auto Insurance. We had a great crowd and participants. I have introduced the notion of the insurance in Canada, advised what kind of insurance we have in Canada, talked about history of insurance in Canada and types of insurance. As I am a licensed adviser on home and auto insurance explained to the crowd how the insurance works on Ontario that the auto insurance is mandatory and types of home insurance. I find the Toronto Home Club's model as a wonderful tool in providing the experts advises to the public of Toronto."  -Alex Rakitin, RBC Home & Auto Insurance

"We like the way Toronto Home Club exists. In Canada we all have something  to say in building our great country. Lighting is what we all have in our homes and we want more customers seeing our great products. The club makes it all possible, cause of the team's wonderful strategy.                                                                                                   PAGEONE is always focusing on Original Design, R&D and Manufacturing world-class premium lighting products. PAGEONE provides the most excellent OEM service for world top brands"  -David Xu, PageOne Lighting, IMPROVE Canada

"Our company's goal is to establish good relationships with customers. It is why we like the idea and methods of The Toronto Home Club. Our members all together                 can satisfy new clients better with providing the best quality of product and services. Periodic presentations and online presence which is the THC tool are great                       to be seeing. DTFI specialises in all your interior cabinetry needs. We design, build and install our own products. We also provide interior design services on your request."         -Paul Chattarpaul, Design To Fit Interiors @ IMPROVE Canada

"Building nice homes is our company mission. At Toronto Home Club we are not just a part of process, it's simply great place to meet with our customers. The informal way we interact, the Launch& Learn model of the presentations, the kids art contests...all this makes the club a favorite place to be at for the Toronto families "                                           -Rodion Tarlo, ONICA Ltd.

"We are Toronto's leading granite countertop fabricator. We are a family run operated business whose main goal is to keep 100% of our customers satisfied. With our state of the art equipment, we ensure all our customers will be completely satisfied with our services and quality of craftsmanship. At SINCO we like the Toronto Home Club approach cause its final goal to build a team of trusted trades."   -Sevak Sinani, SINCO @ IMPROVE Canada

"Kitchen is a heart of the house. Our company was a heart for the Toronto Home Club since its first day. I deeply thankful to the club for great meetings and customers it brought to our wonderful gallery. I'm sure, the idea is great and we all support the club by all means!"  -Igor Petin, KitchenForKitchen

"Door is the first thing we touch entering our homes. Toronto Home Club is the the door to great relationship with people thinking HOME. There are so many opportunities to interact with customers, but I think the Club found the best solution: the bridge between right products & services and their end users."  -Olesya Krivobok, KOOP Doors

"Are you a first time home buyer? Or you looking to sell and invest? If you’ve answered YES to any of the questions above, then you’ve come to the right place!                           I am glad that there is such an organization as Toronto Home Club. It always great to have networking tool to find new customers and to make them happy."                                -Nathalie Slobidker, Top Homes

"It gives me great pleasure to extend greetings and warm welcome to everyone attending Holiday Home Show RENOMASKS hosted by Toronto Home Club at IMPROVE Canada. As Canada's largest city and the fourth largest in North America, Toronto is a global center for business, finance, arts and culture and is dedicated to being a model of  of sustainable development. I welcome everyone and wish you a very fun enjoyable event. On behalf of Toronto City Hall, please accept my best wishes for continued success. Yours truly" -John Tory, Mayor of Toronto         

"In IMPROVE Canada we welcome new ideas and projects. The Toronto Home Club is a brilliant way to build a bridge between the customers and trades.                                      I find the way the club exists as a very attracting to the real needs of the Toronto citizens. We wish the best of luck to the club, and we will do our best to work together!"              -Vadim Vilkov, Chief Operations Officer IMPROVE CANADA

"SAP takes pride in bringing together four major companies in Europe which deliver leading edge quality and technology in surfaces. We are glad to join THC cause only periodic presentations and a team work of all our trades together could build trust."  -Mehrdad Fereidooni, SAP @ IMPROVE Canada


"Zenporium merges contemporary design with sustainable materials to create quality products for your home, workplace or commercial space. The wood we use is certified GFW (Guilt-Free-Wood)™, which guarantees that this wood is either reclaimed, salvaged, or sustainably-harvested. Working together with Toronto Home Club is a great idea to attract more customers with our wonderful products."  -Serena Gebara, ZENPORIUM @ IMPROVE Canada

"At RMS Design we do interior and exterior renovations. I am happy to be a part of the Toronto Home Club cause it brings us the customers at its events and through online marketing."  -Scott McGroarty, RMS Design & Build