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Dear visitors! I think you would agree that Toronto is one of the best places on Earth! After successful organizing over 50 Interior DesignArt & Culture shows  in North America and in Europe,  I am more than happy to be with you @ Toronto Home Club. Please come to our presentations and be free to advise the subjects for the next ones. ​​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
One of the reason why we organize our shows is building a bridge between the customers & home experts. Real Estate, Financing, Custom Building and Renovation, Interior Design, Home Insurance...all areas are presented for you!                                                                                                                                                           
Our club is a well-known and very popular place of meetings. Our Projects vary from an average house to hotels, head offices of the international corporations,        and the Canadian Ministry of Defense. We are glad to invite new Home Improvement businesses!


In Toronto Home Club we like to see, hear, speak, and to BE with people thinking HOME. Any means, subjects, concerns are welcome. We simply build a society of those who like informal family meetings in a periodic schedule. 
The question Why do we do it? Being for more a decade in Home Industry, we have noticed that the customers become clients only by TRUST. Creating a network of TRUSTED trades, the ones you might give your house to touch, the masters we call experts, this IS our main goal. We also believe that in many situations the customers need more than one service. We would like to offer a list of experts you would be enjoying not only when you see them for the first time, but when the project is completed. The home shows we organize give you an all in one. Our team is fully licensed and certified. I believe that our club becoming one of the most valuable business forums in GTA.                                

See you soon @ IMPROVE Canada, the great place to be for all your home related needs!


On behalf of our members, Truly yours, Alexei Dymov,

Founder of the Toronto Home ClubGalaxy Decor GroupInternational Association of St-Petersburg's Friends

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